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Employee Directory

Alphabetical Listing of NRCS Caribbean Area Employees

Employee email addresses are in the form:

Name Title Phone Fax Office
Luis Cruz-Arroyo State Conservationist 787-281-4836 1-855-415-2512 State Office
Alberto Atienza Civil Engineer 787-817-2473 x113 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Esperanza Avilés Resource Conservationist 787-831-3416 x103 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez Field Office
Omar Báez Soil Conservation Technician 787-817-2473 x101 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Ramón Báez Soil Conservation Technician 787-837-4450 x101 1-855-415-2524 Juana Diaz Field Office
Yilia Baucage-Bou State Conservation Engineer 787-766-5715 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Jennifer Cardona Soil Conservationist 787-817-2473 x109 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Michelle Catoni Soil Conservationist 787-896-3565 x105 1-855-415-2514 San Sebastián Field Office
Lydia E. Collazo Supervisory Civil Engineer 787-766-5840 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Rolando Collazo Civil Engineer 787-743-2743 x112 1-855-415-2507 Caguas Field Office
Ricardo J. Colon Biologist 787-766-5529 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Lionel Cruz Soil Conservationist 787-831-3464 x101 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez Field Office
Ileana Curbelo Natural Resources Specialist, Toolkit Coordinator 787-817-2473 x110 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Yadira Feliciano Soil Conservationist 787-894-1480 x111 1-855-265-9380 Utuado Field Office
Elizabeth Fred District Conservationist 787-896-3565 x104 1-855-415-2514 San Sebastián Field Office
Luis A. García Business Services Specialist 787-766-6500 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Zulma García District Conservationist 787-831-3416 x100 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez Field Office
Celys Irizarry Soil Conservation Technician 787-896-3565 x100 1-855-415-2514 San Sebastián Field Office
José Victor Jiménez Administrative Support Specialist 787-766-5132 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Edrick Marrero State Agronomist 787-831-3464 x116 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez ECS Office
Jayson Más Natural Resources Specialist 787-831-3464 x105 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez ECS Office
Manuel Matos State Soil Scientist 787-766-6051 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Javier V. Medina District Conservationist 787-817-2473 x114 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Abiud Mulero Soil Conservation Technician 787-859-2880 x113 1-855-415-2509 Corozal Field Office
Carlos Nazario Program Support Specialist 787-743-2743 x113 1-855-415-2507 Caguas Field Office
Orlando Negrón Financial Resources Specialist 787-766-6431 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Lizandra Nieves-Rivera Resource Soil Scientist 787-766-5206 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Rudy G. O’Reilly, Jr. District Conservationist 340-692-9632 x106 1-855-415-2508 St. Croix Field Office
Yara Ortiz Civil Engineer 787-831-3416 x114 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez Field Office
Esteban Padilla Soil Conservationist 787-817-2473 x112 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Silmarie Padrón Assistant State Conservationist for Management & Strategy 787-766-5063 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Celso Ramos-Caraballo Program Assistant 787-831-3416 1-855-415-2510  
Manuel Ríos Program Specialist 787-766-5239 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Samuel Ríos MLRA Soil Survey Leader 787-831-3416 x109 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez MLRA Soil Survey Office
Evelyn Rivera Soil Conservation Technician 787-894-1480 x101 1-855-265-9380 Utuado Field Office
Freddie Rivera District Conservationist 787-859-2880 x101 1-855-415-2509 Corozal Field Office
José Rodríguez Soil Conservationist 787-743-2743 x109 1-855-415-2507 Caguas Field Office
Mario Rodríguez State Resource Conservationist 787-766-5065 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Josué Román Civil Engineer Technician 787-837-4450 x117 1-855-415-2524 Juana Díaz Field Office
Jovane Román Soil Conservation Technician 787-831-3416 x102 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez Field Office
Linnette Rosado Soil Conservationist 787-817-2473 x115 1-855-415-2506 Arecibo Field Office
Luis H. Rosado Civil Engineer 787-837-4450 x108 1-855-415-2524 Juana Diaz Field Office
Abdiel Santana Soil Scientist 787-831-3416 x113 1-855-415-2510 Mayagüez MLRA Soil Survey Office
José M. Santiago District Conservationist 787-743-2743 x111 1-855-415-2507 Caguas Field Office
Juan Torres Soil Conservationist 340-692-9662 x111 1-855-415-2508 St. Croix Field Office
Javier Torres Soil Conservationist 787-896-3565 x103 1-855-415-2514 San Sebastián Field Office
Norberto Valentin District Conservationist 787-894-1480 x110 1-855-265-9380 Utuado Field Office
Christian Vargas Soil Conservationist 787-859-2880 x112 1-855-415-2509 Corozal Field Office
Mabel Vega Soil Conservation Technician 787-837-4450 x107 1-855-415-2524 Juana Diaz Field Office
Nicis J. Vega District Conservationist 787-837-4450 x106 1-855-415-2524 Juana Diaz Field Office
Zahira I. Vega Soil Conservationist 787-837-4450 x118 1-855-415-2524 Juana Diaz Field Office
Aníbal Velázquez Resource Conservationist 787-837-4450 x111 1-855-415-2524 Juana Diaz Field Office
Frank Velázquez Assistant STC for Field Operations 787-766-5064 1-855-415-2513 State Office
Vivian Marie Vera Soil Conservationist 787-743-2743 x114 1-855-415-2507 Caguas Field Office
Faye Williams Soil Conservation Technician 340-692-9662 x101 1-855-415-2508 St. Croix Field Office
Julie Wright Program Analyst/ Public Affairs Specialist 340-692-9632 x107 1-855-415-2508 St. Croix Field Office

NRCS Caribbean Area Personnel Directory (PDF, 327 KB)


Julie Wright, Acting Public Affairs Specialist, 340-692-9632 x107