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WNTSC Plant Materials Technical Note No. 3

    ​Cover Crop Seed Vendors for Western States

Cover image of Plant Materials Technical Note No. 3, cover Crop Seed Vendors for Western States
Soil health management is a growing concern for many farmers, ranchers, and land managers throughout the western US. Cover crops can be an integral part of a soil health management system by adding diversity to a crop rotation, providing cover, and providing organic matter and living roots to feed the soil food web. According to the NRCS Cover Crop Practice Standard (340), cover crops can be used for the following purposes: reducing erosion from wind and water, increasing soil organic matter content, capturing and recycling or redistributing nutrients in the soil profile, promoting biological nitrogen fixation and reducing energy use, increasing biodiversity, pest and/or weed suppression, soil moisture management, reducing particulate emissions into the atmosphere, and minimizing and reducing soil compaction.

The purpose of this Technical Note is to facilitate the use of cover crops in the West by providing a list of cover crop seed companies and vendors, including sources of organic and untreated seed. Users of this list should note that this is only a partial listing of seed sources (retailers and wholesalers) for each state. If you find the information to be inaccurate, please contact the authors so the list can be updated. This list does not constitute an endorsement of the vendors, nor does it guarantee the reliability or quality of products.

WNTSC Plant Materials Technical Note No. 3: Cover Crop Seed Vendors for Western States (PDF; 433 KB) Young-Mathews, A., P. Pavek, V. Bullard, T. Pickett, C. Bernau, M. Pokorny, H. Dial, and B. Cooney 2018. USDA-NRCS West National Technology Support Center. Portland, OR. June 2018. 18p. (ID# 13328).