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Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program Verifies Rose Lake PMC

MAEAP recognizes USDA-NRCS as 1800th verification

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) verified the USDA-NRCS Rose Lake Plant Materials Center as meeting the standards of environmental protection established by the MAEAP program. The Plant Materials Center has become verified in the Greenhouse and Cropping Systems for implementing appropriate pollution prevention practices. The program assists farmers, helping them comply with state and federal environmental regulations and with Right to Farm practices. By becoming verified the Plant Materials Center not only insures responsible farming techniques but also shows that they care for their community. Technical assistance was provided by the Clinton Conservation District.

When asked why they became verified manager John Leif commented, “MAEAP verification helps us insure that the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center is operating our greenhouse and field operations in a way that is environmentally responsible. It allows us to improve our knowledge of good agricultural management practices and makes our operation more efficient. The MAEAP verification process also allows the Center to showcase its commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrate many of the conservation principles that are encouraged by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.”

During the verification process Conservation Technician Earl Krom worked through several assessment tools including Crop*A*Syst and Greenhouse*A*Syst to assess the condition of the greenhouse, fuel storage, pesticide storage and fertilizer application practices for compliance with MAEAP Standards and Michigan’s Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices (GAAMPS). Recommendations for improvements to the facility were provided. Earl also helped develop an emergency response plan for the PMC. After completing the recommended improvements to the PMC Joe Kelpinski, a MAEAP verifier from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development completed the verification process and determined that the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center met the standards for MAEAP verification.

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks. MAEAP’s mission is to develop and implement a proactive environmental assurance program ensuring that Michigan farmers are engaging in cost-effective pollution prevention practices and working to comply with state and federal environmental regulations.