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Common Weeds/Malezas Comunes

Common Weeds in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
Malezas Comunes en Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes Americanas

Picture of cover page of Common Weeds in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin IslandsThe main objective of this bilingual publication is to present an updated inventory of weeds as the latest source of this information was published by Lugo Torres and Semidey Laracuente in 2002. Included are 184 species that have been selected among the most important in the Caribbean Area, in terms of frequency and difficulty to manage. We include information that will help to identify weeds: shrubs, trees, vines and other species considered invasive, all of which are associated with agricultural lands, pastureland, industrial and urban sites, roads and other places were they are not welcome.

Esta publicación tiene como objetivo principal presentar un inventario de malezas más completo que el inventario presentado por Lugo Torres y Semidey Laracuente en 2002. Se incluyen 184 especies seleccionadas entre las más importantes en el Área del Caribe, desde la perspectiva de su frecuencia y la dificultad para manejarlas. Se provee información para identificar plantas arvenses, arbustos, árboles, bejucos y especies consideradas como invasoras, las cuales están asociadas a terrenos agrícolas, pasturas o pastizales, zonas urbanas e industriales, carreteras y otros lugares en donde son son deseadas.


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Due to the large size of this publication, it also been broken down into smaller files. The smaller files do not contain the internal bookmarks. The content is aphphabatized by the species scientific name.

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Edwin Mas

María de L. Lugo-Torres