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What to Expect

What should I expect now that I am in a Conservation Program?

NRCS requires the participant adhere to the following once they enter into a Conservation Program Contract (CPC):

  1. Start at least one practice in the contract within the first 12 months of the contract (AMA & EQIP).
  2. Complete contract items as scheduled in the CPC. Contract items may be accomplished anytime prior to the year scheduled. If a practice will not be completed on schedule, you will need to contact your local NRCS office and work with them to review your contract’s schedule. All required treatment must be installed at least 12 months before the end of the contract period.
  3. Submit to NRCS an application for payment (Form NRCS-CPA-1245) when practice(s) are completed (AMA & EQIP).
  4. Submit receipts for practices completed. This is not required, but encouraged to assist NRCS in maintaining current cost data. However, for practices with AM and AA receipts are required.
  5. Permit free access for NRCS and/or its agents to provide technical assistance and to inspect the work at any reasonable time during the life span of the installed practices.
  6. Cancellation or Termination: Forfeit all rights to further payments under the contract and may be required to refund NRCS for all contract payments received and pay liquidated damages, as outlined in the CPC Appendix.
  7. If land transferred: Forfeit all rights to further payments under the CPC.
  8. Maintain the conservation treatment or practice installed on the land for the life span of each practice, as identified on the contract documents.
  9. Share responsibility for ensuring that your Conservation Plan and Contract documents are accurate and complete. The NRCS has no authority to compensate participants for practices and/or activities that are not in the Contract at the time of obligation.
  10. Ask questions! If you do not understand specific items or terms of the Contract and its associated Appendix, let your NRCS know. They will be happy to answer questions you may have.
  • NRCS – Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • AMA – Agricultural Management Assistance
  • EQIP – Environmental Quality Incentives Program

For questions about conservation program applications, contact:

Nicola Giardina

State Office Resource Conservationist (Programs)
Phone: (808) 541-2600 x 155

Kevin Kinvig
East Area Resource Conservationist (Programs)
Phone: (808) 541-2600 x 103

Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
Colleen Simpson

West Area Resource Conservationist (Programs)
Phone: (671) 300-8582