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Our Volunteers FMI - Friend of the Marianas (Earth Team Group Volunteers)

FMI - Friend of the Marianas (Earth Team Group Volunteers) | Pacific Islands Area

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Conservation... Our Purpose. Our Passion.
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FMI - Friend of the Marinanas: Earth Team Group Volunteers.I am pleased to introduce a very active Earth Team Volunteer Group for the Pacific Islands Area (West), located in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) – Saipan. The FMI – Friends of the Marianas, is partnering with NRCS, CNMI Forestry, Coastal Resources Management Offices, and many others in assisting the Marianas Resource Conservation and Development Council in supporting community activities and recruit volunteers around the CNMI Area. The Group President, Marites Castillo, is not only active but commits to the community for a better living environment that surrounds all. The Group’s activities also include the revegetation of degraded grassland areas that are uplands to Marine Protected Areas, and assisted in recycling efforts. The volunteers worked many hours under hot and humid conditions carrying saplings and shovels to remote upland locations to plant 17,000 native trees. At other tree planting efforts, volunteers were able to collect storm water samples from streams throughout the island of Saipan and provided them for analysis. This information will help to develop a baseline to demonstrate the connection between tree planting (keeping the soil protected), reduced soil erosion, and clean water.

The Pacific Islands Area, especially the West Area, takes great pride for their efforts and commitment to their environmental community. Thank you to volunteers as you all continue the great work you do for the community, for the efforts to protect and save the environment and natural resources that are so important to the island way of life.

--Anton Tornito, ET Volunteer Coordinator, PIA West


Updated 04-16-2008