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Employee Vignette Cynthia Shishido

Employee Vignette: Cynthia Shishido | Pacific Islands Area

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Employee Vignette

Featured Employee: Cynthia Shishido
Location: Honolulu, HI
Employee Job Title: Accountability Information Management Systems Specialist
Date: January 2008

Cynthia Shishido
Cynthia Shishido
Honolulu, HI

A superior NRCS employee, Cynthia Shishido has 15 years of service with our agency. Her focused and consistent support as well as her follow-up with Pacific Islands Information Accountability System support needs has resulted in vastly increased operational awareness and efficiency of the field and area office staff in the Pacific Islands Area (PIA). Her comprehensive knowledge, field experience, and ability to support, train and coach PIA staff has had a positive impact on operational efficiency. Her comprehensive knowledge of NRCS Accountability and Information Management systems coupled with her special ability to train the diverse and remotely located PIA staff has resulted in a high level of operational understanding of tools.

Her detailed support, well developed training materials, clear and effective communications and her ability to anticipate issues, to see the big picture, has resulted in cost savings for NRCS and has improved efficiency of PIA operations. Cynthia provides a high level of service to our field and state office staff. She goes out of her way to make herself available at all hours to employees who are having trouble with Toolkit or ProTracts so they can get their job done. We rely heavily on Cynthia to track progress and analyze data reports for inconsistencies.

Updated 03-11-2008