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Pacific Islands Area – Archaeology Detail

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Honolulu, Hawaii September 13, 2018 Archaeology Detail

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), The Pacific Islands Area (PIA) is seeking an individual to serve up to a 120-day detail assignment as the State Archaeologist. The incumbent filling this position will be providing technical assistance as part of a team helping to work through the workload associated with EQIP and other Farm Bill programs. This position is in the PIA State Office, Honolulu, HI, and directly supervised by the Assistant Director for Technology. All travel and associated cost with this detail will be covered by NRCS PIA.

The detail position duties include:

• Serves as staff specialist on all cultural resources issues, including Native Hawaiian` issues and concerns that result from the implementation of NRCS programs and activities in the Pacific Islands Area. Defines areas of major cultural resource/environmental concerns, and designs and implements methods and procedures to address such concerns.

• Assists field staff to comply with cultural resources protection laws and regulations, including compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of1966, as amended.

• Prepares and maintains all technical guides and information dealing with cultural resources. This includes coordinating with other specialists to develop Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) products, such as reference lists, maps, technical notes, revisions of practice standards and specifications, case studies, and other archaeology and cultural resources technical products used in conservation planning.

• Identifies necessary cultural resources studies, develops specifications for scopes of work, determines cultural and scientific significance of identified resources in accordance with Department of Interior guidelines and National Register of Historic Places criteria, and reviews proposals and reports relating to NRCS sponsored cultural resource work.

• Prepares technical cultural resource sections of contracts, environmental documents, agreement, documents, and other instruments of agency intent.

• Utilizes computer systems and associated software (including Web-based technology) to access, enter, interpret, summarize, and exchange cultural resources data and other technical information to aid field employees.

Must meet qualifications for GS-0193-12. Positive education requirement must be met. A copy of your unofficial transcript will be required.

The following qualifications are desired for this detail:

• Team focused with experience managing and working with NRCS field staff to address resource concerns in the field.

• Knowledge of the theory and methods of archaeological survey, excavation, documentation, mapping, data collection, research design, analysis, and field identification and preservation of cultural resources.

• Ability to evaluate the significance of archaeological, historical, and traditional cultural properties.

• Ability to devise and carry-out complex archaeological and historical field research, analysis of findings, professional report production with recommendations, and consultations with SHPOs and Tribes, in a timely manner, to ensure appropriate historic preservation and cultural resources compliance.

• Knowledge of federal and state statutes and regulations, and national and state standards and procedures regarding cultural resources management, conservation, protection, and enhancement, and historic preservation, including Native American issues and concerns.

• Knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act program, NRCS conservation programs and policies, including technical and financial assistance and specific NRCS programs, to identify opportunities for efficient integration of cultural resources planning procedures into environmental planning and program and project development.

• Knowledge and proficiency in the use of computer hardware and software, including database management systems and understanding of computer systems and their application in the development of technical information systems for NRCS and its customers.

• Ability to communicate with others (e.g. orally, TDD, lip reading, signing, and in writing) in order to discuss, explain and advocate cultural resources protection measures, plans and objectives, to research and exchange information, to provide training, to clearly and concisely present critical information on complex cultural resource issues, and to prepare reports, publications and articles for NRCS employees and managers, tribal leaders, public interest groups, program managers, customers, and state and local public officials.

• Knowledge, skill and ability in defining, scoping and managing projects. Ability to manage time, workload, and budgets, make decisions, set priorities, and lead professional staff to meet deadlines, deliver products and services, and otherwise carry out projects.

• Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others, both inside and outside NRCS, to develop, coordinate, and implement interagency, intergovernmental (e.g. government to government) and interdisciplinary programs, projects, pilot studies, and agreements.

Please apply by submitting your resume (no more than 2 pages) and a short paragraph on why you are interested in this detail opportunity; include strengths and experience that you would bring to this detail. Submit electronically to by COB September 28, 2018. Please obtain your supervisor's approval prior to submitting your application.

Detail assignment will be in the Kealakekua Field Office, on the island of Hawaii. All travel expenses will be paid for by PIA. The target date for the assignment is October 14, 2018, not to exceed 120 days.


Technical Questions
on the detail can be referred to Tony Ingersoll, Assistant Director for Technology (

Administrative Questions may be referred to Jason Peel, Assistant Director for Management and Strategy (

Douglas R. Maguire, MBA
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