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Federal Women's Program

Welcome to the NRCS Pacific Islands Area
Federal Women's Program Website

Marie Faatuala, Federal Women's Program (FWP) Manager can be reached at (808) 541-2600 x 102.


It is NRCS policy to conduct a positive and continuing FWP that provides equal employment opportunity for women in all personnel management policies and practices, as well as in NRCS-sponsored programs and activities.

Program Objectives

  • Increase the total number of women employed in professional, administrative, and technical occupations.
  • Eliminate concentrations of women in single-interval occupational series, to diversify and create advancement opportunities throughout all occupational levels and disciplines.
  • Encourage the participation of women in all NRCS-sponsored programs and activities.

Part 403 - Special Emphasis Programs - Subpart C - Federal Women's Program


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