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Forest Management

Forest Land

The Pennsylvania NRCS works in coordination with other federal, state, local governments as well as universities and non-governmental organizations to provide assistance on private land forestry issues. Pennsylvania is a heavily forested state with forest lands totaling 16.8 million acres which covers about 58% of the state. Non-industrial private forest lands cover about 11.5 Million acres in Pennsylvania.

NRCS Technical and Financial Assistance

Through the Farm Bill, NRCS offers technical and financial support for private non-industrial forest land owners to address natural resources concerns. NRCS conservation practices and enhancements are available to help you manage your forest land. NRCS financial assistance is available through conservation programs to help you develop a forest management plan and to implement practices and enhancements recommended in your plan.  

Improving Forest Health and Wildlife Habitat

Healthy forests are sustained by a diversity of age classes but diverse forests have been on the decline in Pennsylvania. The loss of diverse forests has had a negative impact on many different wildlife species, including the golden-winged warbler and cerulean warbler.  With the help of NRCS assistance these Pennsylvania forest landowners are doing their part to help increase forest health and improve wildlife habitat

NRCS Technical Service Providers (TSP's)

NRCS Technical Service Providers (TSPs) are individuals or businesses that help you write a Forest Management Plan which includes the Conservation Planning Activity (CPA 106) and the Design and Implementation Activity (DIA 165) . For more information, see the NRCS Technical Service Provider site.

Coordination with Partners

Pennsylvania NRCS and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry (DCNR-BOF) have a Memorandum of Agreement that commits each agency to continued coordination and collaboration to assist non-industrial private forest land owners and operators with the conservation of Pennsylvania’s natural resources. To ensure this continued collaboration, a Guide to Forestry Roles and Responsibilities and Application Checklist is available which serves as a workflow to assist NRCS Field Staff, DCNR-BOF Service Foresters, TSPs, and non-industrial private forest owners or operators through the process of applying for assistance and implementing forestry related financial assistance conservation contracts with NRCS.

NRCS Contact Us

Contact your local NRCS office to ask questions about NRCS forestry and agroforestry assistance. Here are other resources to guide you:

•    Getting Started with NRCS
•    Program Application Forms
•    Veteran Farm and Forestry Assistance
•    Agroforestry Systems Guidance
•    USDA National Invasive Species Information Center
•    Best Management Practices for Pennsylvania Forests
•    USDA Plants Database

NRCS Pennsylvania Forestry Contact:

NRCS PA State Forester
Peter Hoagland
(717) 237-2225

Last updated:  December 14, 2021