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Pennsylvania Conservation Planning

An NRCS emplyee and farmer on a farmIt’s up to you, as an agricultural operator, to decide the best way to improve the productivity, sustainability, and profitability of your operation. For many producers, conservation planning serves as a fundamental starting point for maintaining and improving the natural resources that support productive and profitable agricultural and forestry operations.

Every operation has its own unique resource problems or concerns. Whether it’s a large- or small-scale farm or forestry tract, conservation planning is an important and voluntary first step that owners and operators can take to meet their land management goals. At your request, Certified Conservation Planners, with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), local Conservation District, or other public or private consulting service or organization, can provide planning assistance to help you identify options that provide the greatest conservation benefit while meeting production goals.

We will work with you, the client, to help achieve sound use and management of soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources to prevent their degradation, assure their sustained use and productivity, and comply with regulatory requirements while considering economic and social needs.

Benefits of Developing a Conservation Plan for your Farm or Forest Land:

Conservation planning:

  • Identifies immediate or potential resource problems that could hurt your production.

  • Helps you comply with environmental regulations.

  • Helps you qualify for various USDA conservation programs.

  • Adapts to your changing operational goals.

  • Establishes a reasonable schedule for you to apply needed conservation practices.

  • Can save you time, labor, and energy.

  • Saves you money over the long term as your land becomes more productive.

  • Facilitates the protection, conservation, and enhancement of existing natural resources.

  • Is a crucial element of sustainable development.

  • Helps landowners, communities, and planners work together to identify their resources and accomplish multiple objectives that are best for the land, water, and people.

A Conservation Plan will identify practices that can reverse damage to existing resources. A Certified Conservation Planner will work with you to plan for real-life, practical solutions that will help restore and preserve the soil resource, protect water quality, and maintain the viability of your operation.

Conservation planning is beneficial to multiple generations, providing not simply a quick fix to an existing problem, but also by providing an opportunity for education and long term management improvements. Good conservation planning also includes a vision for the future of the natural resources as well.

Learn about a Conservation Plan and How is it Developed?


Last updated:  May 24, 2024