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Applying Conservation Practices

Putting Your Plan in Action

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Having a conservation plan today is one way to prepare for tomorrow. Certified Conservation Planners, employed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Conservation District (CD), or other public or private consulting service or organization can provide assistance to help you develop or refine your conservation strategy. We’ll help you craft a Conservation Plan that meets the unique needs of your operation, your land, and your life.  

Technical Assistance

Once planning decisions have been made, additional NRCS technical assistance is available to assist you in beginning to put your plan in action. Technical assistance to install conservation structures or apply new management systems may include engineering designs, seeding recommendations, management guidelines, or maintenance requirements.

In some cases you may need a permit before you begin to install a conservation practice.  NRCS can provide certain information to support the permit application process, but ultimately, federal, state, and local permits are the responsibility of your, the client.

Financial Assistance

In addition to technical assistance, financial assistance may also be available to help defray the cost of implementing various conservation practices.  Financial assistance programs are available through a number of local, private, state and federal entities and may be available to help you implement your conservation plan.  Be sure to obtain information from a number of groups to find the mix of programs and assistance that is right for you.  Just as applying conservation measures in tandem provides the greatest natural resource benefit, many people find multiple sources of assistance, allowing them to maximize the assistance they receive and increase the level of treatment on their land.

For more information about possible sources of assistance please visit the PA NRCS Programs webpage. Keep in mind that these are only some of the voluntary conservation opportunities available to private landowners. Other programs are offered by various members of the Pennsylvania Conservation Partnership. More information, including contact information, for these organizations can be found on the PA NRCS Partnership webpage.

Keeping Your Plan Current

Your written conservation plan provides you with a reference guide for your year-to-year operations. Economics or other circumstances may change, and prevent you from following your conservation plan. Certified Conservation Planners can help you revise the plan when needed. It is your responsibility to contact your planner when your plan needs to be updated or revised. NRCS is not responsible for ensuring that the conservation plan schedule of operations is current. It is the producer’s responsibility to ensure that the plan is implemented and maintained reliably and revised when necessary.

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