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Soil Your Undies Challenge

Soil your undies challenge


A Pennsylvania Campaign to Raise Public Interest in Soil Health

Healthy soil contains billions of microscopic organisms. Just one teaspoon of healthy soil contains more microbes than there are people on the planet! Soil microbes are constantly feeding on organic matter, like cotton underwear. So the more your undies break down, the healthier your soil is!

We invite you to plant your 100% cotton underwear for 60 days, dig them back up, then report your findings.

How Healthy is Your Soil? Take the Challenge to Find Out

Chewed-up, ripped, torn, threadbare, riddled with holes, completely, utterly soiled--the undies in Pennsylvania's farm country are falling to pieces. And that's just the way farmers like it.

Wherever your soil is located, the quick and dirty way to test your soil health is by “planting” a pair of new, cotton underwear in the site you’re curious about. Follow these quick and easy steps and take the challenge!

1. Click here to sign up for the Challenge. You will get reminders and tips on improving your soil health along the way.

2. Plant a pair of new, cotton underwear in a hole about 3 inches deep in the site you’re curious about and lay them out flat. Cover them and don’t forget to mark the spot you planted!

3. Wait at least 60 days. This gives your soil microbes time to do their magic! Then gently unearth them.

4. Share your results by sending us a photo of your “harvest” and a little info about your operation to here.

Microbial Action

Your undies won't break down in just any soil. Healthy soil contains billions of microbes that consume the cotton. In addition to chowing down on organic matter like cotton, they also help soil resist erosion, cycle nutrients, and store water.

If you're a farmer or gardener, soil microbes are your best friends.

The hungry microbes in your soil need food, shelter, and variety in order to thrive, just like us! You can take care of your microbial friends by following these four steps:

  1. Avoid soil disturbance wherever and whenever possible.
  2. Maximize soil cover with living plants and residue.
  3. Maximize biodiversity by growing a variety of plants and managed integration of livestock.
  4. Maximize living roots in the soil throughout the year
Disintegrated Undies from Soil Your Undies Challege