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Media: Get the Dirt On It

The environmental and production benefits of improving the nation’s soil health are numerous and significant. On this site, news media will find a range of resources that provide background information, subject matter expert contacts, soil health farmer contacts and other information to help you develop news and feature articles about this growing and important movement.

Radio public service directors can download a series of “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil” public service announcements, too!

Soil Health Photos 

The creatures living in the soil are critical to soil health. They affect soil structure and therefore soil erosion and water availability. They can protect crops from pests and diseases. They are central to decomposition and nutrient cycling and therefore affect plant growth and amounts of pollutants in the environment. Finally, the soil is home to a large proportion of the world's genetic diversity.  

Video News Release

Healthier Soils for Healthier Farms


Healthier Soils To Get Through Drought




Public Service Announcements

Soil health photo feature for audio on One Soil to Live - Respect and the Greatest Soil on Earth.


Please feel free to use the following PSAs to help others learn how soil health benefits our environment. Proper attribution is required and appreciated. Contact Ron Nichols for more information.




One Soil to Live - Respect

 The Greatest Soil on Earth




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