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Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)

Regional Conservation Partnership Program

Information for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) is divided into two different sections:

A.    Farmers and Landowners: Click here if you would like information about:
       •    The current RCPP projects in Pennsylvania; or
       •    How to apply for technical and/or financial assistance under the current RCPP projects.

B.    Eligible Partner Organization Representatives: Click here if you represent an eligible partner organization listed below and would like information about how to apply to develop a new RCPP project for Pennsylvania:

       •    An agricultural or silvocultural producer association or other group of producers;
       •    A State or unit of local government;
       •    An Indian Tribe;
       •    A farmer cooperative;
       •    A water district, irrigation district, rural water district or association, or other organization with specific
            water delivery authority to agricultural producers;
       •    A municipal water or wastewater treatment entity;
       •    An institution of higher education; or
       •    An organization or entity with an established history of working cooperatively with producers
            on agricultural land, as determined by NRCS, to address:
            o    Local conservation priorities related to agricultural production, wildlife habitat development, or
                  nonindustrial private forest land management; or
            o    Critical watershed-scale soil erosion, water quality, sediment reduction, or other natural
                  resource issues.

C.  RCPP #1847 - Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Landscape
        •  Kittatinny Ridge RCPP Ranking form

For more information, please contact:

Susan Marquart
PA RCPP Manager
(717) 237-2237

Last updated:  October 25, 2021