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Veterans Emphasis Program

As the Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager, I will support a workplace environment that ensures civil rights and EEO free of discriminatory bias and reprisals; and where the workforce, customers, and business partners are treated fairly with dignity and respect. I encourage the employment of qualified veterans and provide support to currently employed veterans. I support Pennsylvania NRCS in its effort to promote a diverse and qualified workforce.

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VA App Store

Here you will find access to dozens of apps, including those created specifically for Veterans and their Health Care Professionals.

Apps for Veterans that display a lock  icon require DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account credentials because they connect to the VA Electronic Health Record (EHR). Get a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account.

Some of the Most Popular Top-rated Apps

Stay Quit Coach 
  Stay Quit Coach

  3.69 out of 5-star rating
  Create a tailored plan to help you quit and stay smoke-free.
  iOS  Android

Move Coach

MOVE! Coach

  3.63 out of 5-star rating
  Looking for weight loss support? This app is for that.
  iOS & Android

Mindfulness Coach
  Mindfulness Coach

  3.64 out of 5-star rating
  Be in the moment! Learn mindfulness to reduce stress.
  iOS & Android 

PTSD Coach
  PTSD Coach
  3.63 out of 5-star rating
  Get the info, support and tools you need to manage PTSD.
  iOS & Android

Veterans Employment Resources & Assistance

Veterans Resources & Organizations

Interesting Reading & Such

•    The Wounds Within, A Veteran, a PTSD Therapist, and a Nation Unprepared
•    Fields of Combat, Understanding PTSD among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
      – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
•    The Veteran’s Survival Guide, 2nd Edition – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
•    Women Veterans: America's Forgotten Heroines – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
•    Soldier's Heart: Close-up Today with PTSD in Vietnam Veterans – Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
     Google Books
•    PTSD My Story, Please Listen! Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books

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Contact Information

For Pennsylvania

Wendy Karrasch
Veterans SEPM
Natural Resources Conservation Service

National Contact

George A. Stickels, NVEPM
National Veterans Emphasis Program Manager
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Washington, DC
DCWA2 - 4091-S
Phone: 202-720-2879