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American Indian/Alaska Native Emphasis Program

2017 American Indian/Alaska Native PosterPurpose

The purpose of the program is to provide focus on issues such as employment, promotion, training, and career enhancement affecting American Indian/Alaskan Native employees and applicants in NRCS.

NRCS Policy

It is NRCS policy to conduct a positive and continuing American Indian/Alaska Native Emphasis Program (AI/ANEP) that provides equal employment opportunity for American Indian/Alaskan Natives in all personnel management policies and practices, as well as in NRCS-sponsored programs and activities.

Program Objectives

  • Increase the total number of American Indian/Alaskan Natives in all Professional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical, and Others (PATCO) categories, series, and grade levels.
  • Encourage the participation of American Indian/Alaskan Natives in all NRCS-sponsored programs and activities.
  • Provide a network of professional support for American Indian/Alaskan Natives.
  • Ensure that the American Indian/Alaskan Native community receives equal treatment in all aspects of employment.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in training and training programs, such as career enhancement, graduate studies, and others.

November is the AIAN Celebrated Month

November is American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Heritage Month, and is a time to recognize the cultures, traditions and histories of Native people. The first American Indian Day in a state was declared on the second Saturday in May 1916 by the governor of New York. Several states celebrate the fourth Friday in September. Presently, several states have designated Columbus Day as Native American Day. In 1990 President George H. W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November "National American Indian Heritage Month." Similar proclamations, under variants on the name (including "Native American Heritage Month" and "National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month") have been issued each year since 1994.





Justin Gross
American Indian/Alaska Native Special Emphasis Program Manager