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Range and Pasture Technical Notes

Range and Pasture Technical Notes

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The technical notes in the following table may require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Bob Gillaspy, (503) 414-3233.

Subject Date Technical Note Number Technical Note Format
PDF Excel Word
Table of Contents - Range     X    
Review On Poisonous and Injurious Range Plants in the Northwest August 1968 Range - No 1 X    
Important Poisonous Plants in the Northwest August 1968 Range - No 2 X    
Determining Total Annual Yields February 1971 Range - No 3 X    
Evaluating Multiple Economic Effects of Forage Development and Management May 1971 Range - No 4 X    
Conversion Tables for Metric and U.S. Weights and Measures September 1972 Range - No 5 X    
Acreage Increase Due to Slope October 1972 Range - No 6 X    
Effects of Plant Structure and Composition on Upland Hydrologic Cycles May 1989 Range - No 7 X    
Pasture and Range Fences March 1990 Range - No 8 X    
Photo Plots February 2015 Range - No 9 X    
Pointers on Spring Development August 1979 Range - No 10 X    
Livestock Water October 1979 Range - No 11 X    
Effects of Grazing on Idaho Fescue and Bluebunch Wheatgrass October 1979 Range - No 12 X    
208 Water Quality Planning and Cattle Industry October 1979 Range - No 13 X    
Threatened or Endangered Plant Species on Form SCS-SOILS-5 February 1980 Range - No 14 X    
Breeds of Cattle and Sheep Common to the West February 1981 Range - No 15 X    
Relative Forage Preference of Plants for Grazing Use by Season November 1982 Range - No 16 X    
Year-round Pasture Management in Western Oregon October 1990 Range - No  17 X    
Growth Curves for Western Oregon March 2002 Range - No 18 X    
Growth Curves for Eastern Oregon March 2002 Range - No 19 X    
Fence Designs August 1997 Range - No 20 X    
Common Grasses, Legumes, and Forbs of Western Washington and Oregon Pastures and Haylands August 2014 Range - No 21 X    
A Partial List of Vegetative Characteristics of Common Western Washington and Oregon Pasture and Hayland Grasses November 2014 Range - No 22 X    
USFS Photo Point Monitoring Handbook July 2002 Range - No 23 X    
Fences: USDA/USDI Range Structural Equipment Handbook 8824-2803 November 2003 Range - No  24 X    
Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health, Version 4 April 2006 Range - No 25 X    
Hydraulic Ram Pumps September 2007 Range - No 26 X    
Dry Weight Percentages of Selected Oregon Grasses, Grass-likes, Forbs, Vines, Shrubs, and Trees July 2014 Range - No 27 X    
Forage Kochia (Bassia prostrata) – Its History, Uses, and Management in Oregon January 2017 Range - No 28 X    


National Range and Pasture Technical Notes


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