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Oregon Construction and Material Specification

Oregon Construction and Material Specifications

The following documents require  Adobe Reader.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Kristi Yasumiishi, (503) 414-3253.

Spec No. Issue Date Title Instruction Sheet Specification
General Items
MISC-A 6/99 Cover Sheet   PDF
MISC-B 10/01 Table of Contents PDF PDF
MISC-C 6/99 General Requirements   PDF
Construction Specifications
Site Preparation
CS-001 11/11 Clearing PDF PDF
CS-002 11/11 Clearing and Grubbing PDF PDF
CS-003 11/11 Structure Removal PDF PDF
CS-004 11/11 Channel Clearing and Shaping PDF PDF
CS-005 11/11 Pollution Control PDF PDF
CS-006 11/11 Seeding, Sprigging, and Mulching PDF PDF
CS-007 11/11 Construction Surveys PDF PDF
CS-008 11/11 Mobilization and Demobilization PDF PDF
CS-011 11/11 Removal of Water PDF PDF
CS-021 11/11 Excavation PDF PDF
CS-023 11/11 Earthfill PDF PDF
CS-024 11/11 Drainfill PDF PDF
CS-025 11/11 Rockfill PDF PDF
CS-095 11/11 Geotextile PDF PDF
CS-097 11/11 Flexible Membrane Liner PDF PDF
CS-098 11/11 Geosynthetic Clay Liner PDF PDF
CS-201 11/11 Stripping PDF PDF
CS-202 11/11 Excavation, Common PDF PDF
CS-203 11/11 Excavation, Rock PDF PDF
CS-204 11/11 Excavation & Backfill of Trenches for Conduits PDF PDF
CS-207 11/11 Earthfill, Class U PDF PDF
CS-208 11/11 Structural Backfill PDF PDF
Earthwork Miscellaneous
CS-027 11/11 Diversions and Waterways PDF PDF
CS-029 11/11 Soil Cement PDF PDF
CS-061 11/11 Rock Riprap PDF PDF
CS-062 11/11 Grouted Rock Riprap PDF PDF
CS-064 11/11 Gabions and Gabion Mattresses PDF PDF
CS-210 11/11 Diversion PDF PDF
CS-211 11/11 Grassed Waterway PDF PDF
CS-212 11/11 Land Leveling PDF PDF
CS-213 11/11 Terraces PDF PDF
CS-214 11/11 Live Stakes PDF PDF
CS-215 11/11 Live Fascine PDF PDF
CS-216 11/11 Live Brush Mats & Layers PDF PDF
CS-217 11/11 Dormant Stock Plantings PDF PDF
CS-218 11/11 Tree Revetment PDF PDF
CS-219 11/11 Log Cribs PDF PDF
CS-034 11/11 Steel Reinforcement PDF PDF
CS-035 11/11 Concrete Repair PDF PDF
CS-220 11/11 Reinforced Concrete PDF PDF
CS-221 11/11 Concrete for Minor Structures PDF PDF
CS-222 11/11 Concrete Canal Lining PDF PDF
CS-043 11/11 Clay Pipe PDF PDF
CS-045 11/11 Plastic Pipe PDF PDF
CS-051 11/11 Corrugated Metal Pipe PDF PDF
CS-052 11/11 Steel Pipe PDF PDF
CS-053 11/11 Ductile-Iron Pipe PDF PDF
CS-071 11/11 Water Control Gates   PDF
CS-081 11/11 Metal Fabrication and Installation PDF PDF
CS-082 11/11 Painting Metalwork PDF PDF
CS-083 11/11 Timber Fabrication and Installation PDF PDF
CS-084 11/11 Painting Wood PDF PDF
CS-091 11/11 Chain Link Fence PDF PDF
CS-092 11/11 Field Fence PDF PDF
CS-223 11/11 Cathodic Protection PDF PDF
CS-224 11/11 Conduits & Pipelines PDF PDF
CS-225 11/11 Valves & Meters PDF PDF
CS-226 11/11 Rock Structures PDF PDF
CS-227 11/11 Rock Surfacing PDF PDF
CS-228 11/11 Well PDF PDF
CS-229 11/11 Wire Mesh Gabions PDF PDF
CS-230 11/11 Pump PDF PDF
CS-231 11/11 Vegetation of Construction Sites PDF PDF
CS-232 11/11 Fencing of Construction Sites PDF PDF
CS-233 11/11 Drainage Filter PDF PDF
CS-234 11/11 Erosion Control Blankets PDF PDF
CS-235 11/11 Construction Fabrics PDF PDF
CS-236 11/11 Endangered Species   PDF
CS-237 11/11 Large Wood for Streambank Structures   PDF
CS-238 11/11 Photovoltaic (PV) Power Supply for Pump   PDF
Material Specifications
MS-301 11/11 Concrete   PDF
MS-302 11/11 Bedding   PDF
MS-303 11/11 Valves and Meters   PDF
MS-304 11/11 Erosion Control Blankets   PDF
MS-305 11/11 Corrugated Plastic Tile   PDF
MS-511 11/11 Steel Piles   PDF
MS-512 11/11 Wood Piles   PDF
MS-513 11/11 Precast Concrete Piles   PDF
MS-521 11/11 Aggregated for Drainfill and Filters   PDF
MS-522 11/11 Aggregates for Portland Cement Concrete   PDF
MS-523 11/11 Rock for Riprap   PDF
MS-531 11/11 Portland Cement   PDF
MS-532 11/11 Supplementary Cementinous Materials   PDF
MS-533 11/11 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete   PDF
MS-534 11/11 Concrete Curing Compound   PDF
MS-535 11/11 Preformed Expansion Joint Filler   PDF
MS-536 11/11 Sealing Compound for Joints in Concrete and Concrete Pipe   PDF
MS-537 11/11 Non Metallic Waterstops   PDF
MS-538 11/11 Metal Waterstops   PDF
MS-539 11/11 Steel Reinforcement (for Concrete)   PDF
MS-541 11/11 Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe   PDF
MS-542 11/11 Concrete Culvert Pipe   PDF
MS-543 11/11 Nonreinforced Concrete Pipe   PDF
MS-544 11/11 Clay Pipe and Drain Tile   PDF
MS-547 11/11 Plastic Pipe   PDF
MS-548 11/11 Corrugated Polyethylene Tubing   PDF
MS-551 11/11 Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe   PDF
MS-552 11/11 Aluminum Corrugated Pipe   PDF
MS-553 11/11 Ductile-Iron Pipe   PDF
MS-554 11/11 Steel Pipe   PDF
MS-571 11/11 Slide Gates   PDF
MS-572 11/11 Flap Gates, Metal   PDF
MS-581 11/11 Metal   PDF
MS-582 11/11 Galvanizing   PDF
MS-584 11/11 Structural Timber and Lumber   PDF
MS-585 11/11 Wood Preservatives and Treatment   PDF
MS-591 11/11 Field Fencing Materials   PDF
MS-592 11/11 Geotextile   PDF
MS-594 11/11 Flexible Membrane Liner   PDF
MS-595 11/11 Geosynthetic Clay Liner   PDF
Total Specification Package
    Download a zip file with both Word and Adobe versions of all the above including instruction sheets.   ZIP