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Site Elevation: 3500 ft

Snowflake Current SNOTEL data:

  • 7-Day Summary Report - Midnight data for standard SNOTEL sensors
  • 7-Day In-Depth Report - Hourly data for standard SNOTEL sensors
  • 30-Day Plot - Daily snow water, precipitation, and snow depth
  • Current Water Year Plot - Daily snow water, precipitation and snow depth
  • Comparison Plot - Includes snow water and precipitation data for current water year and 30-year normals
  • Daily Difference Report - Daily gain/loss for snow water, snow depth, and precipitation
  • Projection Plots: SWE or Precipitation - Includes current data, historic range, and future projections based on historic probabilities
  • Current Water Year Reports:
    These reports include daily data for standard SNOTEL sensors


Snowflake Historic SNOTEL data:

  • Water Year Plot
    - Snow Water, Precipitation, and Snow Depth for selected water year
  • Water Year Data Table
    - Standard SNOTEL sensors for selected water year
  • Download a Comma-Separated Data File
    - CSV file including daily SNOTEL data for selected water year

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Latitude: 47.77     Longitude: -121.69

Site Installed in Water Year: 1995

Alternate Site Photo

Metadata for Washington SNOTEL Sites