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Site Information

The Oregon Data Collection Office (DCO) monitors and maintains 160 SNOTEL and 23 SNOLITE stations located in OR, WA, CA and NV, in addition to 103 snow courses and aerial markers. In the state of Oregon, there are 81 SNOTEL and 19 SNOLITE stations, and 55 snow courses and aerial markers. Check out this page (page in development) for more information on SNOTEL sensors and site components.

» Site Map

Oregon SNOTEL, SNOLITE and snow course sites are shown below. Site pages, including metadata, can be accessed by selecting a station on the map. To view additional stations, select an additional state under the Locations tab in the Map Controls. For a full-screen version, click here.

» Station Status Map

View updates of station status for the Oregon DCO below. Updates occur on a weekly-basis, except for performed-maintenance updates which occur more regularly. Note that this map may not reflect momentary telemetry outages that could be affecting one or more stations. Questions regarding station status can be directed to the Oregon Snow Survey via e-mail.