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Water Supply


Water Supply Outlook Report

The Water Supply Outlook Report (WSOR) contains water supply forecasts, which are statistical predictions of streamflow volume that will flow past a point on a stream during a specified period of time, typically in spring and summer. These forecasts are given not as a single number, but as a range of numbers to reflect forecast probability and uncertainty. Learn more about these forecasts and how to interpret them.

Retrieve Oregon WSOR (1990-current)

Historical reports before 2020 are temporarily unavailable. Please contact our office for a digital copy.



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Additional Resources
Basin Data Reports - precipitation, snowpack and reservoir data found in the WSOR
Forecast Charts - additional charts for reservoirs by basin


» Monthly Streamflow and Reservoir Conditions

Use the drop-down menu below to view pre-selected parameters for water supply conditions statewide. To view a full-screen version of the interactive map with more customizable parameters, click here.


External Resources
View current reservoir storage across the state of Oregon:
  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Portland District
  Bureau of Reclamation - Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region

View current streamflow conditions across the state of Oregon:
  USGS Waterwatch
  OWRD Hydrographics Data