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Standard SNOTEL Sensors

Standard Sensor Configuration for a SNOTEL Site:

  • Snow Pillow - (Steel or Butyl) - Fluid-filled bladder at ground level, plumbed into a pressure transducer. The current Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) value is transmitted hourly.
  • Storage Precipitation Gage - (Height varies by snowpack and precipitation regime) Collects cumulative precipitation for the water year. The current WY precipitation value is transmitted hourly.
  • Air Temperature - (Sensor Model: YSI) - Measured every 60 seconds, output as hourly observed and daily maximum, minimum, and average values
  • Snow depth (Sensor Model: Judd ultrasonic)  - Measures distance to the ground or snowpack level. The current snow depth value is transmitted hourly.

Additional Sensors for an Enhanced SNOTEL Site:

  • Wind Speed & Wind Direction
  • Solar Radiation
  • Relative Humidity
  • Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature

Other Sensors Installed at Some SNOTEL Sites:

  • Net Solar Radiation
  • Barometric Pressure
Climate Sensors at a SNOTEL Site