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On Farm Energy Initiative

On Farmy Energy InitiativeAgricultural producers continually search for ways to increase profitability while being good land stewards. Becoming energy efficient is one process that benefits a farm’s bottom line and helps lead the country toward energy independence, improves air quality, reduces air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, and enhances water conservation efforts.

NRCS provides the nation’s agricultural producers with technical information and financial assistance that:

  • Quantifies how energy can be used more efficiently to reduce input costs
  • Increases productivity per unit of energy consumed by equipment and lighting
  • Reduces air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions caused when energy is generated for agricultural use

What Is An AgEMP Analysis?

Through the EQIP National On-Farm Energy Initiative, financial assistance is available for site-specific energy analysis of eligible farmsteads and irrigation systems. This analysis, known as an Agricultural Energy Management Plan or AgEMP, is completed by NRCS-certified Technical Service Providers. The AgEMP meets industry-standards and clearly shows:

  • Itemized energy use by individual systems to establish a baseline for electricity and other fuel improvements
  • Recommendations for equipment improvements and upgrades
  • Amount of potential energy reductions and financial savings for each recommendation
  • Cost estimates of potential improvements
  • Length of expected payback for energy efficiency upgrades

Producers can apply for financial assistance for activities in their existing energy audit providing the energy audit meet these requirements:

Applications - for the National On Farm Energy Initiative can be obtained at your local NRCS office. NRCS can also assist the applicant by developing a conservation plan that includes conservation activities and practices that address resource problems while improving farming operation on their land. Applications will be screened to prioritize applications.

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National NRCS National On Farm Energy initiative webpage



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