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Air Quality Initiative

NAQI funds for fiscal year 2020 currently available in Hood River County.

The National Air Quality Initiative (NAQI) provides financial assistance to help farmers implement conservation practices that address air resource issues for designated locations throughout the nation. Agricultural atmospheric related concerns include greenhouse gas emissions, ozone precursors, volatile organic compounds, airborne particulate matter, and some odor-related volatile compounds.

In Oregon, NAQI funding is available to farmers in Hood River County to assist in an ongoing project to improve air quality. Through this project, orchard producers are reducing the use of high-emission, diesel-fuel smudge pots which are commonly used to protect crops from damaging spring frosts. NRCS is providing a financial incentive to help growers remove smudge pots from their operations, so they can be replaced with cleaner, more efficient systems.


Carly Heron, District Conservationist
Hood River County
6780 Hwy 35
Parkdale, OR 97041
Phone:  541-352-1037