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Barlow Area Forestland Enhancement

County or Counties: Wasco

Primary Resource Concern Addressed: Degraded plant condition - Plant structure and composition, Terrestrial habitat - Terrestrial habitat for wildlife and invertebrates, Fire management - Wildfire hazard from biomass accumulation

Project Description

The Barlow Area Forestland Enhancement CIS provides private non-industrial forestland managers of Wasco County with the resources and assistance needed to improve forest health and restore desirable vegetative structure and composition. Restoring key wildlife habitat types and reducing wildfire risks are important goals of the project. The project area includes several forest types: oak savannah, oak woodland, pine woodland, mixed conifer-oak, and conifer forest. Each forest type has unique challenges and objectives.

Conservation Practices Offered

Project Partners

  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Oregon Department of Wildlife
  • Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Wasco County Forest Collaborative,
  • East Cascades Oak Partnership
  • U.S. Forest Service

Local EQIP Ranking Questions

NRCS uses these questions to evaluate eligible applications for this project and to prioritize applications for potential funding. State and national ranking questions also apply. See more information on the EQIP program page.

Screening Questions

Ranking Questions

1. The project will adopt one of the following practices for the purpose of improving upland wildlife habitat: Conservation cover (327), Tree/Shrub establishment (612), Upland Wildlife Habitat Management (645), Wildlife Structures (649).

2. The project includes a forest unit where Oak will be released from conifer encroachment. For this ranking, an oak release from conifers includes: 1) a post-treatment oak percentage of 90% or greater, and 2) Removal of 20+ conifers per acre.