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Hood River Air Quality

County or Counties: Hood River

Primary Resource Concern Addressed: Air Quality Impacts, Emissions of Particulate Matter (PM) and PM Precursors

Project Description

Air Quality management in Hood River County to reduce the use of diesel burning smudge pots and replace with cleaner burning technology. And to improve air quality through the reduction of open pile burning by using grinding, chipping, or clean burning methods.

Conservation Practices Offered

  • Combustion System Improvement
  • Woody Residue Treatment

Project Partners

  • Hood River Soil and Water Conservation District
  • OSU Extension
  • Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers
  • Hood River County

Local EQIP Ranking Questions

NRCS uses these questions to evaluate eligible applications for this project and to prioritize applications for potential funding. State and national ranking questions also apply. See more information on the EQIP program page.

Screening Questions

  1. Do you currently use smudge pots on your offered property? Yes= Eligible for practice 372. No= Not Eligible for practice 372.
  2. Do you currently use open pile burning to dispose of wood waste as regular operation management? Yes= Eligible for practice 384 for the burner. No= Not eligible for practice 384 for the burner.
  3. If you want to do grinding and chipping in lieu of burning, did you receive payments for the same under the Conservation Security Program? Yes=Not eligible for 384 for grinding and chipping. No= eligible for 384 for grinding and chipping.


Ranking Questions

Will the upgrade to another form of frost control other than diesel burning heaters, on the offered
ground, result in zero diesel smudge pots remaining on any of your operation?

Will the amount of land you are offering to upgrade to another form of frost control provide a
significant (significant meaning 75% or more) reduction in the number of diesel smudge pots on
your operation?

Are you applying to dispose of orchard wood waste in a manner other than open pile burning?
Are you applying to use the Columbia Gorge Fruit Grower's air curtain burner to use in lieu of open
pile burning for any orchard/vineyard waste wood that will fit in the burner?