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Lower Columbia Watershed Partnership Project


Year Awarded: FY 16
USDA Funding: $3 million
RCPP Funding Pool: Critical Conservation Area - Columbia River Basin
Location: Columbia County, Oregon
Lead Partner: Columbia Soil and Water Conservation District

Public Notices and Planning Documents for this Project:


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Collaborating Partners:

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership
  • Clatskanie Middle/High School
  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
  • Columbia River Youth Corp
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Columbia County Road Department
  • National Marine Fisheries Service
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Lower Columbia River Watershed Council
  • Oregon Association of Conservation Districts
  • Private landowners

Project Summary:

This project aims to make measurable improvements to the health and viability of the Lower Columbia River Watershed, with support from a wide range of local, state and federal partners and private landowners. The primary goals are to improve water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife.

The proposed project would improve and restore the physical, chemical, and biological processes of aquatic, riparian, and wetland habitats through voluntary, localized enhancement and restoration activities. Proposed activities include addressing barriers to fish passage; improving aquatic and riparian habitats; and performing streambank stabilization using large wood and native vegetation. These activities would reduce the flow of excessive sediments and pesticides into surface waters to improve water quality; stabilize the soils to provide riparian areas; and help create habitat pools by including large wood in the stream bank design to benefit fish habitat.

The work being considered is located in the north-central portion of Columbia County within the Beaver Creek-Columbia River Watershed, the Clatskanie River Watershed, and the Green Creek-Columbia side channel watershed.

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NRCS Financial Assistance Programs Used:

  • PL-566 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act

NRCS Conservation Practices:

  • Streambank and Shoreline Protection
  • Riparian Forest Buffer
  • Aquatic Organism Passage
  • Stream Habitat Improvement and Management

Points of Contact:, Columbia SWCD District Manager

Nathan Herr, Acting District Manager, Columbia SWCD
Phone: 503-433-3205

Don Mehlhoff, NRCS District Conservationist
Phone: 503-438-3146