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Wallowa Lake Irrigation Modernization

Year Awarded: FY 18
Proposed USDA Funding: $1.7 million
RCPP Funding Pool: Critical Conservation Area - Columbia River Basin
Project Timeline: 4 years (2018 – 2021)
Location: Wallowa County, Oregon
Lead Partner: Farmers Conservation Alliance

Collaborating Partners

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Wallowa Lake Irrigation District
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Wallowa Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Private farmers and ranchers

Project Summary

The Wallowa Lake Irrigation Modernization Project will address water quantity, water quality, and inadequate habitat resource concerns in the Prairie Creek area of Wallowa County, Oregon. This project proposes to pipe private ditches, install water control structures/fish screens on newly piped ditches, and install up to ten new sprinkler systems to increase on-farm conveyance and application efficiency. These actions will improve water conveyance and application efficiency, reduce fish entrainment risk, decrease return flows into Prairie Creek and the Wallowa River, and decrease sediment, nutrient, and bacteria inputs into Prairie Creek and the Wallowa River. Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA), and its partners seek to benefit threatened or endangered populations of spring Chinook salmon, summer steelhead trout, and bull trout.

Conservation work will occur in three sub-watersheds that lie east of Joseph and Enterprise, Oregon. They encompass Prairie Creek and the majority of the 20,000 acres irrigated from Prairie Creek and Wallowa Lake.

Wallowa Irrigation RCPP Map

NRCS Financial Assistance Programs Used

Conservation Practices Offered

  • 430 – Irrigation Pipeline
  • 587 – Structure for Water Control
  • 442 – Irrigation Sprinkler System
  • 449 – Irrigation Water Management

Points of Contact

Abe Clark, NRCS District Conservationist, Wallowa County
Phone: 541-263-3044

Brett Golden, Farmers Conservation Alliance
Phone:  541-716-6085

Wallowa Alder Slope Irrigation Wallowa County Irrigation system closeup
Efficient Irrigation Close up of irrigation system