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East Fork Hood River Watershed Restoration Project

Year Awarded: FY 18
Proposed USDA Funding: $2 million
RCPP Funding Pool: Critical Conservation Area - Columbia River Basin
Project Timeline: 4 years (2018 – 2022)
Location: Hood River County, Oregon
Lead Partner: East Fork Irrigation District

Collaborating Partners

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Hood River Watershed Group
  • Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs
  • Hood River Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Farmers Conservation Alliance
  • Oregon Water Resources Department
  • Mid-Columbia Agriculture and Research Extension Center
  • Private farmers and ranchers

Project Summary

This project brings together a diverse set of partners in the Hood River Watershed, of the Columbia River Basin, to focus on a top-priority water conservation and fish habitat project in the Lower East Fork Hood River. Through this project, the East Fork Irrigation District and its partners will construct Phase 1 of the Eastside Lateral pipeline project, assist agricultural producers with approximately 400 acres of on-farm water conservation practices and educate producers and farm workers on the latest irrigation water management techniques. The project will also restore one mile of spawning and rearing habitat on the East Fork Hood River for threatened steelhead, spring Chinook, and coho. The project seeks to increase irrigation water reliability for high value food crops, improve resilience to drought, and restore instream habitat for ESA-listed species.

East Fork RCPP Map

NRCS Financial Assistance Programs Used

Conservation Practices Offered

  • 441 – Irrigation System, Microirrigation
  • 442 – Irrigation Sprinkler System
  • 430 – Irrigation Pipeline
  • 449 – Irrigation Water Management
  • Irrigation System Automation
  • Water Quantity Enhancements

Points of Contact

Cindy Thieman, East Fork Irrigation District
Phone: 541-354-6063

NRCS Local Service Center Contact: Hood River

Flow meter irrigation Microsprinkler system
Flow Meter Microsprinkler Irrigation System