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National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI): Fiscal Year 2013


USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service supports the voluntary actions of farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to improve water quality.  Through the water quality focused efforts, eligible producers will invest in voluntary conservation practices to help provide cleaner water for their neighbors and communities. Using funds from the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, NRCS will provide financial and technical assistance to producers for implementing conservation practices such as riparian buffers, conservation tillage, irrigation water management, soil moisture monitoring in selected watershed locations.

Selected NWQI Project Areas Receiving Funding in Fiscal Year 2013

NRCS will accept applications for the NWQI on a continuous basis, batch funding dates for 2013 will be April 19 and May 17.

Location Project Description
NWQI_Brandy_Creek_Pudding_River_300 Brandy Creek -- Pudding River

The project objective is to work with producers to promote and implement practices to achieve water conservation through irrigation efficiencies and management, reductions in surface water concentrations of sediment, bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants. Best Management Practices will be used to slow and/reduce stormwater and irrigation runoff coming off fields and crops using field borders, cover crops and grass waterways, as well as implementing or improving management practices for irrigation water, nutrient and pest management.

Contact Salem NRCS Service Center at: (503) 399-5741

NWQI_Little_Willow_Creek_Poison_Creek_300 Poison Creek & Little Willow Creek

The project objective is to use a watershed-wide approach to reduce or eliminate polluted irrigation return flow, improve water use efficiency, and reduce evaporative, and seepage losses of irrigation water. This will lead to cleaner water flowing into the Malheur River from the Willow Creek drainage. Specifically, the project will provide assistance in transitioning at least 12,000 acres of flood/furrow-irrigated pasture and row crop fields to more efficient irrigation systems, decrease demand from Beulah Reservoir, decrease bacterial contamination and decrease sediment and phosphorous loads entering Willow Creek and subsequently the Malheur River.

Contact Ontario NRCS Service Center at: (541) 889-9689

NWQI_Upper_Fifteen_Mile_300 Upper Fifteen Mile Creek

 This project will work with producers to use Scientific Irrigation Scheduling to conserve irrigation water from surface and groundwater sources, increase energy efficiency, and improve water quality within the project area. Resources will be provided to assist producers in conservation planning, assessment of irrigation systems, and monitoring activities to conserve resources and help meet state regulatory water quality requirements in the Fifteen Mile Creek Watershed.

Contact the Dalles NRCS Service Center at:  (541) 298-8559


Practice Payment Lists

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More Information

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NWQI Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.00 MB)

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Program Contact

Loren Unruh