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Stockwater Systems

Stockwater System









Systems used to provide suitable water to livestock or wildlife at selected locations to improve grazing management and protect streams, ponds, and water supplies.

How it works

Stockwater systems include a suitable clean water source, delivery system, and watering facilities for providing adequate water to livestock and wildlife. Water sources may be developed and piped to watering facilities at locations for improved livestock distribution.

How it helps

  • Improves livestock health and production
  • Allows for better grazing management with planned placement of water for livestock
  • Provides clean water at accessible locations
  • Provides for improvement in upland and riparian vegetation and protection of streambanks
  • Provides for development of water where it is naturally unavailable

Planning ahead

  • What watering facilities are needed to make the best use of available pasture and rangeland?
  • What water sources are available and is the water of sufficient quality for livestock?
  • Is power required for pumping?
  • Is water storage needed?

Technical notes

  • Inventory available water sources including streams, springs, wells and ponds.
  • Inventory range and pasture productivity, health and needs.
  • Place watering facilities to enhance livestock distribution.
  • Manage livestock in areas where vegetation and streambanks need protection.
  • Include escape ramps in tanks and troughs for birds and wildlife.


  • Keep tanks and troughs clean of debris and sediment.
  • Maintain all facilities and valves in good working order.
  • Drain tanks and water lines in the winter where freezing temperatures can cause damage.