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NRCS Oregon Tribal Advisory Council

Oregon NRCS, in conjunction with Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes and the Intertribal Agriculture Council, has initiated the process of developing the Oregon Tribal Advisory Council. This group will provide a forum for Oregon’s Native American Tribes and tribal members to address natural resource issues on tribal lands. The Tribal Advisory Council will provide a tribal voice to the USDA NRCS on conservation issues that are important to Oregon tribes at the state and national levels.

Oregon Tribal Advisory Council Meetings

A regular meeting schedule has not yet been developed. Additional information will be posted here when it is available.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Kathy Ferge, (503) 414-3239.

2016 Meetings
Agendas Minutes Presentations

May 3, 2016

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes


2015 Meetings
Agendas Minutes Presentations

May 5, 2015

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes

October 20, 2015

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes


2014 Meetings
Agendas Minutes Presentations

May 8, 2014


Meeting Notes

November 4, 2014

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes


2013 Meetings
Agendas Minutes Presentations

December 4, 2013

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes
April 9-11, 2013


2012 Meetings
Agendas Minutes Presentations
October 10, 2012
  Meeting Notes  


Basis for Tribal Advisory Councils

NRCS’s mission is to help people help the land. To carry out this mission effectively with Tribes at the state and local levels, NRCS will:

  1. Provide quality service through financial, educational, and technical assistance
  2. Assist the Tribes in building Tribal capacity in natural resources conservation.
  3. Coordinate with Tribes so they have the opportunity to provide input on NRCS policy.
  4. Work cooperatively with Tribes to achieve program compliance.
  5. Advocate natural resource stewardship, while working within Tribal religion, standards, values, and culture.
  6. Provide services to all clientele equitably.
  7. Support practical, voluntary solutions to natural resource problems.
  8. Deliver the best available resource technology.
  9. Promote strong partnerships and teamwork.
  10. Deliver programs in cooperation with other Federal, Tribal, State, and local entities.
  11. Provide a quality work environment for its diverse work force.
  12. Cooperate with Indian Tribes, conservation districts, resource conservation development councils, and State conservation agencies to deliver services.

Additionally, NRCS will work with Tribes and provide assistance, upon request, to help them establish a Tribal Conservation Advisory Council (TCAC) or tribal conservation district. Tribes may designate a TCAC to provide input on NRCS programs and the conservation needs of the Tribes and Tribal producers.

At the local level, TCACs can:

  • Provide leadership on conservation needs, programs, and priorities to NRCS Tribal Liaison.
  • Maintain communications with the NRCS Tribal liaison.
  • Engage NRCS in resource assessments.
  • Develop conservation plans and priorities for implementation.

At the State Level, TCACs can:

  • Maintain communications with the State Conservationist.
  • Communicate conservation needs, plans, and priorities to the State Conservationist.
  • Engage the State Conservationist in developing annual budgets for natural resource conservation.
  • Advise regional level conservation advisory councils of natural resource programs and budget needs.

At the Regional Level, TCACs can:

  • Maintain communications with the Regional Conservationists
  • Communicate with State- and national-level Tribal conservation advisory councils regarding conservation programs, legislative needs, and budgets.


Kathy Ferge
State Tribal Liaison
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd.
Suite 900
Portland, OR 97232
Office: 503/414-3239
Cell: 503/333-5658