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Polk County - Information for Partners and Participants

Polk County, OregonPolk County covers 745 square miles (476,800 acres) in the center of the Willamette Valley, extending from the Willamette River west to the Coastal Mountains. Approximately 60% of the county is in commercial forest production which is mostly privately owned. Approximately 1/3 of the county is in Agricultural production (166,663 acres), with nearly 72% of that land being in crop production. Major crops in Polk County are grapes, Christmas trees, grass seed, milk and dairy products, silage corn and fruits/nuts/berries (all ranking in the top 10 in the state). Polk County ranks #6 in the state for broiler chicken production and also produces cattle, sheep, horses as well as other livestock.

Polk County Long Range Plan

NRCS Oregon uses a Strategic Approach to Conservation to address priority natural resource concerns in specific watersheds and landscapes across the state. It all begins with a Long Range Plan. Each county develops a Long Range Plan with input from landowners, agency partners and other stakeholders that identifies and prioritizes natural resource concerns in the community. Based on those plans, NRCS works with partners to develop local Conservation Implementation Strategies to help agricultural producers in those targeted areas implement conservation practices that address the resource concerns. Long Range Plans are updated to reflect the changing needs and objectives of the county's natural resources.

Current Financial Assistance Opportunities for Farmers, Ranchers and Forest Owners in Polk County

The following Conservation Implementation Strategies are available to help Polk County agricultural producers address targeted resource concerns identified in the Long Range Plan. Click the project names below for more information:

Additional Funding Opportunities...

In addition to the local projects above, producers may also apply for statewide programs such as the Conservation Stewardship Program, the Organic Initiative, Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative, On Farm Energy Initiative, and conservation easement programs. Visit with your local District Conservationist for more information on these and other programs, or visit the NRCS Programs webpage.

Local Work Group Meetings

Every year, NRCS hosts a Local Work Group meeting where farmers, landowners, conservation partners and other members of the community discuss the natural resource needs for the county. Based on feedback from those meetings, NRCS updates the county's Long Range Plan and develops new Conservation Implementation Strategies to address those resource concerns. You may contact us anytime to express concerns or comments about conservation needs in the county, and we encourage you to attend the next Local Work Group meeting in your county. For more information about Local Work Group meetings, contact your local NRCS office.

Contact Your Polk County Conservationist

Other Resources Available:

Success Stories in Polk County

Illahe Vineyard Oregon Vineyard Abuzz with Pollinators

From atop a hill at Illahe Winery, looking down across 80 acres of lush vineyards, there’s more to generate a buzz than just the wine.


Polk County landowner leverages partnerships to restore oaks, bolster butterflies

Bill Wainwright knows a thing or two about maximizing conservation on his land. Over the past 17 years, he’s worked with multiple state and federal conservation partners to restore and protect highly-valuable oak habitat on his 400-acre ranch in Polk County.