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Red Cedar Canopy Cover Maps

Red Cedar Canopy Cover Maps

Last Modified: 02/02/2009

The following files require Acrobat Reader.

The following are 11"x17" Size
Blaine County (PDF; 2.95 MB) Logan County (PDF; 3.07 MB)
Canadian County (PDF; 1.66 MB) Major County (PDF; 2.40 MB)
Dewey County (PDF; 5.5 MB) Noble County (PDF; 1.18 MB)
Garfield County (PDF; 1.06 MB) Oklahoma County (PDF; 2.94 MB
Kingfisher County (PDF; 1.71 MB) Pawnee County (PDF; 2.65 MB)
Lincoln County (PDF; 4.07 MB) Payne County (PDF; 2.92 MB)
The following are E Size (34"x44") Plots
Blaine County (PDF; 3.24 MB) Murray County Red Cedar (PDF; 2.08 MB)
Canadian County (PDF; 1.82 MB)  Murray County Red Cedar/Ashe Juniper (PDF; 2.15 MB)
Cimarron County (PDF; 6.25 MB) Noble County (PDF; 1.65 MB)
Dewey County (PDF; 5.64 MB) Okfuskee County (PDF; 3.92 MB)
Ellis County (PDF; 1.07 MB) Oklahoma County (PDF; 3.68 MB)
Garfield County (PDF; 1.55 MB) Pawnee County (PDF; 2.79 MB)
Kingfisher County (PDF; 2.18 MB) Payne County (PDF; 3.06 MB)
Lincoln County (PDF; 4.91 MB) Pottawatomie County (PDF; 4.97 MB)
Logan County (PDF; 3.76 MB Woodward County (PDF; 3.16 MB)
Major County (PDF; 2.86 MB)  

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