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Watershed Rehabilitation Information

Oklahoma Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has 2,107 flood control dams in 61 counties.  These dams were constructed beginning in 1949 by local sponsors with financial and technical assistance from the USDA - NRCS authorized through Public Law 78-534 (Washita River Watershed) and Public Law 83-566 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program.North Deer Creek

The primary purpose of the flood control dams is to reduce flooding. The secondary benefits of the dams address a myraid of public needs, such as water supply, water quality, soil health, water management, wetland enhancement, fish and wildlife habitat and recreation.  Flood control dams improve public safety, contribute to a healthy economy and support a strong nation.  

Since the construction of these dams, more stringent dam safety regulations and engineering standards have been established.  Development has also occurred downstream of many of these dams adding or increasing the risk of property and loss of life downstream in the event of dam failure.  Additionally, many of these dams are nearing the end of their original 50-year design life for sediment storage capacity.

Rehabilitation measures would be required for many of these dams for the structures to meet the current dam safety regulations and engineering standards, and to ensure that they continue to provide flood prevention, municipal storage and recreation benefits.  


The process for rehabilitation includes four steps:

  •  Dam Assessment - Provides a preliminary investigation on the condition of the dam to determine deficiencies.  This assessment is the first step in determining whether or not to move forward with rehabilitation.
  • Planning - Development of a physically, environmentally, socially and economically sound project plan.
  • Design - Development and completion of a final construction design for the rehabilitation project.
  • Construction - Installation of the recommended rehabilitation measures

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Rehabilitation Projects in Oklahoma

You can visit the national website Watershed Rehabilitation Information for additional information.