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Emergency Watershed Protection

Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP)

Last Modified: 05/12/2016

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The EWP Program provides assistance to project sponsors and individuals in implementing emergency recovery measures to relieve imminent hazards to life and property created by a natural disaster that causes a sudden impairment of a watershed.

Assistance is available only when public or private landowners, land managers, land users, or others document that they have exhausted or have insufficient funding or other resources available to provide adequate relief from applicable hazards.

Technical and Financial Assistance

EWP technical and financial assistance may be made available, dependent upon funding, when a declaration of the following has occured:

  • A federal emergency is declared by the President
  • A local or state emergency is declared by the State Conservationist
  • In drought situations when the Secretary of Agriculture has declared a drought emergency

Request for Assistance

Project sponsors must apply for EWP assistance to the State Conservationist by written request.

The request must consist of the following: 

  • A discussion of the problems encountered 
  • Assistance needed, including; nature of the problem, location, scope of the problem
  • Commitment by the sponsor to assume the following responsibilities:
    • Provide local cost-share
    • Land rights acquisition
    • Permits
    • Responsibility for O&M, if required
  • A Statement indicating that funds have either been exhausted or are insufficient to provide adequate relief from the applicable hazards
  • Detailed information is not required at the time of the initial request

Project sponsors must submit a request for assistance within 60 days following the date of the natural occurrence that caused the watershed impairment, or after access to the site becomes available.


EWP Publications

EWP Oklahoma Program Information (PDF; 509KB)
Oklahoma EWP Success Story (PDF; 564KB)
Avoid the Disaster After the Disaster (PDF; 1MB)

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Phone: 405-742-1204

For further information and assistance, contact your local NRCS Field Service Center.