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Disaster Information

Disaster Information for EWP

The following documents require Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Microsoft Word

Initially After Event

Electronic Disaster Report (XLS; 19 KB) - Data sheet for Electronic Disaster Report (due within 4 days of event)
Program Description (DOC; 29 KB) - Brief general description of the EWP Program
Assistance Notes (DOC; 156 KB) - Description of EWP and summary assistance notes
DC Checklist (XLS; 54 KB) - Checklist for DCs and Damage Survey Report Team members to follow (EWP Program Process and required work steps)
Draft Visual Key (PDF; 1.32 MB) - Draft EWP Visual Key for Potential Site Eligibility
24-hour Storms (XLS; 23.5 KB)

After Declaration

Sponsor Request (DOC; 34 KB) - Sponsor Request for Assistance
District Support (DOC; 34 KB) - Conservation District letter supporting need for assistance
EWP Flow Chart (XLS; 62.5 KB)- Detailed list and timing of EWP requirements

After Sponsors Request for Assistance

Sample Engineering Package (XLS; 260 KB) - Sample Engineering Package for EWP
Sample Disaster Survey Report (XLS; 221 KB) - Sample Damage Survey Report
Permit Information (DOC; 30.5 KB) - Information for use in Permitting (part of engineering package)
Cost-Share Estimate (XLS; 20 KB) - Cost Estimate for In-kind Cost Share (part of engineering package)
Cultural Resource Check (DOC; 19.5 KB) - Cultural Resources Check Sheet
Environmental Checklist (DOC; 78 KB) - Environmental Impact Checklist for alternatives
Field Office Numbers (DOC; 80.5 KB) - Field office numbers for DSR coding of sites

Prior to Construction

Sponsor Approval for Construction (DOC; 30.5 KB) - Sponsor letter accepting agreement responsibilities
Landrights Release (DOC; 32 KB) - Land rights assurances from local sponsor

After Construction

Sponsor Questionnaire (DOC; 47.5 KB) - Request for comments from Sponsor on rating EWP Program

Training and Other Information

EWP DC Training (PDF; 733 KB) - General EWP Training
EWP Final Rule (PDF; 90 KB) - Notice from Federal Register with Final Rules of EWP Program
Draft Site Eligibility Training (PPT; 6.42 MB) - Draft Site Eligibility Determination Training
Sample DEQ Permit Request (DOC; 25 KB) - Sample of Request for DEQ Solid Waste Disposal Permit
Sponsor Continued Interest Letter (DOC; 52 KB) - Letter Requesting an Update of Project Status by Sponsor


EWP Program Manager
Phone: 405-742-1284
Email: April Burns