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Exporting Large Scale Maps

Exporting Large Scale Maps

Last Modified: 02/02/2009

Offices can export maps on CD-Rom for use by local fire districts in their fight against wildfires. These same steps may be used to create large scale maps for producers.

To Export Maps

  1. Open Quick Maps
  2. Use data loader to add any data files needed for map.
  3. Click on file, Page Set-up, under Map Size, change the default from 'letter' to 'E' size.
  4. Check to see if map needs to be portrait or landscape.
  5. Click on the layout button at the bottom of screen.
  6. Use the insert button to add:
                A)  Title
                B)  Legend
                C)  Scale
                D)  North Arrow
                E)  Date, and who created the map
  7. Once map is cartographically correct, you are ready to export.
  8. Click on file, export map, and give the map a filename, look to see WHERE the file will be saved.
  9. Change the 'Save as type' to pdf.
  10. Click on Export.
  11. Copy exported file to CD-Rom for distribution, or send exported pdf file to the State Office for printing.
            screen shot - export

At this time, the State Office can only print large scale maps created in Toolkit for our producers.


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GIS Section
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