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The CADalog- "A Collection of Standard Drawings and Details in Electronic Format"

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NOTICE:  The following standard drawings and standard details were developed to assist in the installation of typical NRCS conservation practices.  The designer is responsible for insuring that the site conditions, structure function, hydraulic requirements, and structural requirements are not exceeded when selecting the applicable standard drawing or standard detail.  Standard drawings (as well as standard designs used in conjunction with the drawings) must be adapted to the specific site conditions.  Each Ohio Practice Standard (on e-FOTG) lists the minimum requirements for the drawings for a specific standard.

The NRCS National Engineering Manual (NEM) contains the policy for using standard drawings and standard details, specifically, Ohio Supplements OH536.78 "State Standard Detail Drawings" and OH541.0 "Drafting and Drawings".

CADalog Information (other than details/drawings)

Standard DETAILS


Blank Drafting Paper Forms  (Updated 6/2015)

Standard Border & Title Block Sheets  (Updated 4/2016)

Drawings Unavailable in CAD Format





Other Information for Ohio CADD Users

CADD Station Locations and Contact Persons for Ohio NRCS 

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NRCS-Wisconsin Standard Wall Drawings
   Link to the NRCS-Wisconsin "Engineering CAD Drawings and Templates- Waste Storage" page
NOTE:  The Wisconsin Standard Wall Drawings are to be used "As-Is" except that floor slabs shall meet the
   slab requirements as stated in the Ohio Construction Specification "Concrete"
. The "Conditions of Use"
   are shown on each drawing. Some designs and details were made assuming Grade 40 steel would be used.
   Grade 60 steel may be used as a substitute with no other changes needed to the drawings.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Standards (PDF; 2.6 Mb)
   You will be redirected to the NRCS eDirectives web site.
   Select:  Handbooks- Title 210 Engineering- National Engineering Handbook  (NEH)- Part 641 "Drafting and Drawings"

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