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Engineering Field Handbook (EFH)- Ohio SupplementsĀ 

The EFH, formerly called the Engineering Field Manual (EFM), is a technical reference that can be used to design all types of conservation practices.  The entire EFH can be downloaded, by chapters, from the Electronic Directive Systems (eDirectives) page (choose Handbooks; Title 210 Engineering; National Engineering Handbook; Part 650 Engineering Field Handbook).

The EFH is supplemented with information specific to Ohio. These pages are generally copied on yellow paper for filing in the handbook.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat for viewing and/or printing.

Edition; Issue;
Amendment Number
Date Issued Changes Made (Add/Remove Pages; etc.)
Issue 1
(PDF; 2.8 Mb)
April 2005 Discard all previously issued Ohio (yellow sheets) and NRTC (green sheets) supplements and exhibits, including tabulation sheets; Insert sheets contained in "Issue 1"
Amendment 1 January 2015 24-hr. Rainfall Depths updated to two decimal points to match eFOTG version and EFH2 software program that were previously updated 10/2012