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Narrative Descriptions of 11-digit Watersheds - Subregion 0506

Watersheds for 4-digit Subregion 0506

05060001-010-Scioto River (headwaters to below Taylor Creek)
   Area = 102,208 Acres
05060001-020-Rush Creek
   Area = 67,375 Acres
05060001-030-Scioto River (below Taylor Cr. to above Little Scioto River) [except Rush Creek]
   Area = 92,553 Acres
05060001-040-Little Scioto River
   Area = 72,065 Acres
05060001-050-Scioto River (below Little Scioto R. to above Bokes Creek)
   Area = 89,594 Acres
05060001-060-Scioto River (above Bokes Creek to above Mill Creek)
   Area = 68,951 Acres
05060001-070-Mill Creek
   Area = 114,745 Acres
05060001-080-Scioto River (below Mill Creek to above Olentangy River)
   Area = 76,614 Acres
05060001-090-Olentangy River (headwaters to below Flat Run)
   Area = 85,526 Acres
05060001-100-Whetstone Creek
   Area = 73,280 Acres
05060001-110-Olentangy River (below Flat Run to below Delaware Run [except Whetstone Cr.])
   Area = 117,096 Acres
05060001-120-Olentangy River (below Delaware Run to Scioto River)
   Area = 71,324 Acres
05060001-130-Big Walnut Creek (headwaters to Hoover Dam)
   Area = 121,350 Acres
05060001-140-Big Walnut Creek (below Hoover Dam to above Alum Creek)
   Area = 93,224 Acres
05060001-150-Alum Creek (headwaters to Alum Creek Dam)
   Area = 77,978 Acres
05060001-160-Big Walnut Creek (above Alum Creek [except above Alum Creek Dam] to Scioto River)
   Area = 63,797 Acres
05060001-170-Walnut Creek (headwaters to below Sycamore Creek)
   Area = 88,337 Acres
05060001-180-Walnut Creek (below Sycamore Creek to Scioto River
   Area = 94,408 Acres
05060001-190-Big Darby Creek (headwaters to below Sugar Run)
   Area = 112,709 Acres
05060001-200-Big Darby Creek (below Sugar Run to above Little Darby Creek)
   Area = 49,298 Acres
05060001-210-Little Darby Creek
   Area = 114,239 Acres
05060001-220-Big Darby Creek (below Little Darby Creek to Scioto River)
   Area = 79,360 Acres
05060001-230-Scioto River (below Olentangy River to above Big Darby Creek)
   Area = 119,833 Acres
05060002-010-Scioto River (below Big Darby Creek to above Kinnikinnick Creek [except Deer Cr.])
   Area = 103,949 Acres
05060002-020-Deer Creek (headwaters to above Sugar Run)
   Area = 93,885 Acres
05060002-030-Deer Creek (above Sugar Run to above Dry Run)
   Area = 104,414 Acres
05060002-040-Deer Creek (above Dry Run to Scioto River)
   Area = 65,318 Acres
05060002-050-Scioto River (above Kinnikinnick Creek to above Paint Creek)
   Area = 62,095 Acres
05060002-060-Scioto River (below Paint Creek to above Salt Creek)
   Area = 82,608 Acres
05060002-070-Salt Creek (headwaters to above Queer Creek)
   Area = 111,741 Acres
05060002-080-Middle Fork of Salt Creek
   Area = 69,738 Acres
05060002-090-Little Salt Creek [except Middle Fork Salt Creek]
   Area = 88,638 Acres
05060002-100-Salt Creek (above Queer Cr. to Scioto R. [except Little Salt Creek and Middle Fork])
   Area = 85,156 Acres
05060002-110-Scioto River (below Salt Cr. to below Pee Pee Creek)
   Area = 87,708 Acres
05060002-120-Scioto River (below Pee Pee Cr. to above Sunfish Creek)
   Area = 67,050 Acres
05060002-130-Sunfish Creek
   Area = 92,430 Acres
05060002-140-South Fork Scioto Brush Creek
   Area = 72,326 Acres
05060002-150-Scioto Brush Creek [except South Fork Scioto Brush Creek]
   Area = 102,510 Acres
05060002-160-Scioto River (below Sunfish Cr. to Ohio River [except Scioto Brush Creek]
   Area = 101,972 Acres
05060003-010-Paint Creek (headwaters to below East Fork)
   Area = 76,327 Acres
05060003-020-Sugar Creek
   Area = 52,130 Acres
05060003-030-Rattlesnake Creek (headwaters to above Lees Creek)
   Area = 83,595 Acres
05060003-040-Rattlesnake Creek (above Lees Creek to Paint Cr.)
   Area = 94,912 Acres
05060003-050-Paint Creek (below East Fork [except Sugar Creek] to above Rocky Fork [except Rattlesnake Creek])
   Area = 60,770 Acres
05060003-060-Rocky Fork
   Area = 92,164 Acres
05060003-070-Paint Creek (below Rocky Fork to below Lower Twin Cr.)
   Area = 78,101 Acres
05060003-080-North Fork (headwaters to below Compton Creek)
   Area = 77,131 Acres
05060003-090-North Fork (below Compton Creek to Paint Creek)
   Area = 72,983 Acres
05060003-100-Paint Creek (below Lower Twin Creek to Scioto River [except North Fork])
   Area = 43,049 Acres