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Electronic Field Office Technical Guide e-FOTG 

The electronic version of the FOTG, the "e-FOTG", is the official version of the FOTG for Ohio.

  • Ohio e-FOTG (anonymous entry; no login or password required)
  •  NRCS Employee Login (via USDA Connect requiring e-Authentication)
  • e-FOTG (National Map- for locating any state's e-FOTG site)

Technical Guide Review/Comment and Revisions to the e-FOTG

All Technical Guide references, information, and practice standards and specifications are reviewed on a scheduled basis.  Items that are currently available for review and comment by NRCS and SWCD employees can be found on the e-FOTG site in the "DRAFT e-FOTG" section on the opening page.  Most items will have a 30 day comment period. 

Sections in the e-FOTG are:

  • Section I - General Resource References
  • Section II - Natural Resource Information
  • Section III - Resource Management Systems and Quality Criteria
  • Section IV - Practice Standards & Specifications and Job Sheets
  • Section V - Conservation Effects

National Conservation Practice Standards

  • A National Standard can be used if there is no State standard available in Section IV- Practice Standards & Specifications of the e-FOTG.
  • National Standards are contained in the National Handbook of Conservation Practices (NHCP)

These documents require Adobe Acrobat and are available in the Ohio e-FOTG.

Ohio Technical Guide Note #303
  (Conversion to e-FOTG as the "Official Version of the FOTG")

Ohio Technical Guide Notice #304

Mark Smith
State Resource Conservationist
200 N. High St., Room 522
Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone: (614) 255-2528