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Headwaters of the Wabash River Watershed CCPI - Ohio

Active CCPI Projects - 2014

This Mississippi River Basin Initiative 4-year project will assist Ohio farmers to implement best management practices (BMPs) to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus run-off.  Mercer county has the largest area in the project, but parts of Auglaize and Darke counties are also within the watershed boundary. To find out if a farm is in the project area contact the Project Sponsor listed on this page.

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Applications are selected for funding at the end of each ranking period.  2013 ranking periods

Ranking Criteria

CCPI Ranking Document  (not yet available)

Resource concerns addressed through this CCPI include:

  • Inadequate Habitat for Fish and Wildlife
  • Soil Condition
  • Soil Erosion
  • Water Quality

Project Sponsor

Mercer County SWCD
220 W. Livingston St., Suite 1
Celina, Ohio 45882

Contact Person:

John Armentano, Program Manager
Phone: (614) 255-2469