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Photo Category- Structure 

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Category- Structure

NRCSOH05031sm.jpg (783438 bytes)
 Steve Hall,
Greene County

Waterway and WASCOB

NRCSOH05032sm.jpg (775666 bytes)
 Steve Hall,
Greene County

Waterway and WASCOB

NRCSOH05053sm.jpg (480345 bytes)
Chris Coulon,
Fairfield County

Water intake; Upper Hocking Str. #9

NRCSOH05144sm.jpg (474600 bytes)
Jeff Raifsnider,
Medina County

Chippewa Structure III-A

NRCSOH05153sm.jpg (705961 bytes)
 Rod Yeoman,
Noble County

Caldwell Lake riser and water intake structure

NRCSOH05154sm.jpg (545277 bytes)
 Rod Yeoman,
Fairfield County

Forming for concrete Outlet Structure

NRCSOH05201sm.jpg (898772 bytes)
Chris Coulon,
Gallia County

A covered feeding area on a heavy use pad

NRCSOH05224sm.jpg (759066 bytes)
Dianne Johnson,
Washington County

A heavy use pad with a structure over the pad to protect livestock

NRCSOH05302sm.jpg (462231 bytes)
Chris Coulon,
Geauga County

Covered agrichemical containment facility

NRCSOH06081sm.jpg (668830 bytes)
Mike Hammitt,
Fairfield County

30" ADS Riser, Upper Hocking Watershed R23

NRCSOH06082sm.jpg (688937 bytes)
Mike Hammitt,
Fairfield County

Outlet Structure, Upper Hocking Watershed R23

NRCSOH06083sm.jpg (416407 bytes)
Mike Hammitt,
Fairfield County

Final Inspection Upper Hocking Watershed R23

NRCSOH07023sm.jpg (2926586 bytes)
Karl Schneider,
Lorain County

Grain storage at harvest

NRCSOH07087sm.jpg (2711583 bytes)
Christina Coulon,
Hardin County

Pipe drop structure