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 NRCSOH05072sm.jpg (717784 bytes)
 Chris Coulon,
Delaware County

Woodpecker holes

NRCSOH05142sm.jpg (718252 bytes)
Mark DeBrock,
Franklin County

Dead standing tree that provides cover and food sources for a variety of wildlife

NRCSOH05143sm.jpg (778852 bytes)
Mark DeBrock,
Hardin County

Dead beech tree- potential wildlife home

NRCSOH05156sm.jpg (784806 bytes)
 Mark DeBrock,
Guernsey County

Beaver Tree

NRCSOH05237sm.jpg (312597 bytes)
Mark DeBrock,
Coshocton County

Reclaimed strip mine land at Woodbury Wildlife Area

NRCSOH06066sm.jpg (1196517 bytes)
Chris Coulon,
Lake County

Red winged black bird near a wood duck box

NRCSOH06166sm.jpg (3151327 bytes)
Dianne Johnson,
Muskingum County

Dead Beech tree is now a great wildlife habitat

NRCSOH07011sm.jpg (3998186 bytes)
Karl Schneider,
Lorain County

Lorain County Metro parks

NRCSOH07050sm.jpg (4534602 bytes)
Steve Willson,
Adams County

Standing Indiangrass provides good winter cover

NRCSOH07054sm.jpg (1194158 bytes)
Bob Parkinson,
Darke County

 Warm season grasses and herbaceous vegetative cover for wildlife

NRCSOH07102sm.jpg (614214 bytes)
Christina Coulon,
Fairfield County

A grassland bird nest made around a purple coneflower