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Ohio’s Minority Farmer of the Year Award Winner - 2013

High Tunnel

Deborah Beard grows a variety of vegetables in her high tunnel

“There are a few things that make you feel like you’re in heaven; a good meal, a warm smile, or just enjoying the beauty of nature.” Deborah Beard

Eric and Deborah Beard own Bethel Lane Farms (BLF), a small 25 acre farm in Clinton County, Ohio. The Beards lease 20 acres for growing row crops. 

The Beards grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices on the five acres they cultivate.  In 2010, the Beards increased their growing season with the help of District Conservationist Bill Bailey (now retired) and funding from the Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative.  Deborah stated, “With the addition of our high tunnel, production is now possible for most of the calendar year.”  

The Beards sell their produce and other agricultural products at six farm markets across Ohio, one of which has the second highest WIC coupon redemption rate in the State. 

Graduates of Ohio State University’s Small Farm College, Deborah and Eric have are involved in several community activities.  They share their knowledge as presenters at the Wilmington, Ohio, Small Farm Conference, host the Tour de Farm cycling event, and conduct produce production seminars for growers.

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