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Ohio Outreach

Making A Difference in Program Delivery       

Outreach is a way of conducting business to ensure that all programs and services are made accessible to all NRCS customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching the underserved and socially disadvantaged farmers. It ensures that underserved individuals and groups throughout the United States and its territories are made aware, understand, and have a working knowledge of USDA programs and services. Outreach will ensure that these programs and services are equitable and made accessible to all.

A Beginning Farmer is someone who has not operated a farm or ranch, or who has operated a farm or ranch for not more than 10 consecutive years. This requirement applies to all members of an entity.  This is also an entity or individual who will materially and substantially participate in the operation of the farm or ranch.

Socially Disadvantaged is a group whose members have been subject to racial or ethnic prejudice because of their identity as members of a group, without regard to their individual qualities.

Making Connections Across the State 

2013 Ohio Minority Farmer of the Year. “There are a few things that make you feel like you’re in heaven; a good meal, a warm smile, or just enjoying the beauty of nature.” Deborah Beard

Connecting Kids Inside Out – Let’s Go Outside Event.  On a rainy Saturday last September over 100 kids and parents from the greater Columbus metropolitan area gathered at Alum Creek State Park to play outside while learning about natural resources.  The annual “Let’s Go Outside” event, sponsored by government, non-profit, and corporate organizations, went on despite the rain, which eventually cleared. 

Outdoor Learning - Park Quest.  A major outcome of the “Let’s Go Outside” event was the successful pilot of the mobile media learning game Park Quest, funded by Target District 444 stores.  A design team of Ohio University graduate students developed Park Quest as a means to most effectively engage the interest of minority, urbanized youth with unfamiliar natural resource topics. 

"This Lady Is Biting Off More than She Can Chew . . . ."   Sue Borton is a self-proclaimed city girl who always wanted to farm, even when she was a little girl.  This article is published on the Women Farm website.  Women Farm expands the capacity of Ohio women farmers to develop each other in ways that positively impact regional food farming and the conservation and preservation of Ohio farmland.

Ohio Resources

Contact for More Information:

Johnnie Freeman
State Outreach Coordinator
(937) 836-5428, ext. 113