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EQIP Rankings and Prioritizations

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How to Apply for USDA-NRCS Conservation Programs

Tools .PDF
Conservation Activity Plan  
Conservation Activity Plan Ranking Tool FY2022 .XLS
Conservation Activity Plan Available Practices .PDF
Conservation Incentive Contracts (CIC)  
CIC Fact Sheet .PDF
CIC Practices .PDF
CIC High Priority Areas (HPAs) .PDF
EQIP CIC 2022 Map .PDF
Cropland and Pastureland  
Cropland Available Practices .PDF
Cropland Ranking Tool .PDF
Cropland Beginning Farmer Ranking Tool .PDF
Cropland Socially Disadvantaged Ranking Tool .PDF
Pastureland Available Practices .PDF
Pastureland Ranking Tool .PDF
Pastureland Beginning Farmer Ranking Tool .PDF
Pastureland Socially Disadvantaged Ranking Tool .PDF
Farmstead Available Practices  .PDF
Farmstead Ranking Tool .PDF
Farmstead Beginning Farmer Ranking Tool .PDF
Farmstead Socially Disadvantaged Ranking Tool .PDF
Forestland Available Practices .PDF
Forestland Ranking Tool .PDF
Forestland Beginning Farmer Ranking Tool .PDF
Forestland Socially Disadvantaged Ranking Tool .PDF
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative  
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Available Practices .PDF
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Ranking Tool .PDF
High Tunnel  
High Tunnel Available Practices .PDF
High Tunnel Ranking Tool .PDF
On-Farm Energy  
On-Farm Energy Available Practices .PDF
On-Farm Energy Ranking Tool .PDF
Organic Available Practices .PDF
Organic Ranking Tool .PDF
Organic Self-Certification Worksheet .PDF
Tribal Initiatives  
Tribal Initiatives Available Practices .PDF
Tribal Initiatives Ranking Tool .PDF
RCPP Upper Susquehanna  
Upper Susquehanna RCPP Area MAP
RCPP Available Practices .PDF
RCPP Ranking Tool .PDF
RCPP Prioritization Screening Tool .PDF