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Agricultural Management Assistance

High Tunnel in the city

USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in New York is announcing a second sign-up for technical and financial assistance for agricultural producers in areas identified to be in the Urban Priority area.  This special program offers an exciting opportunity for urban farmers to compete for funding in a program developed to meet their needs.  The application deadline is April 16, 2021

Producers whose land is located within the Urban Priority Area will be eligible to apply for consideration in 2021.   All applications are competitive and are ranked based on national, state and locally identified resource priorities and the overall benefit to the environment. Below is the Urban Priority Area map.

Available Practices

Access Road (560)
Combustion System Improvement (372)
Composting Facility (317)
Conservation Cover (327)
Conservation Crop Rotation (328)
Cover Crop (340)
Critical Area Planting (342)
Fence (382)
Field Border (386)
Forage and Biomass Planting (512)
Heavy Use Area (561)
Hedgerow Planting (422)
Herbaceous Weed Treatment (315)
High Tunnel System (325)
Irrigation Pipeline (430)
Irrigation Reservoir (436)
Irrigation System, Microirrigation (441)
Irrigation Water Management (449)
Livestock Pipeline (516)
Mulching (484)
Nutrient Management (590)
Obstruction Removal (500)
Pest Management Conservation System (595)
Prescribed Grazing (528)
Pumping Plant (533)
Roof Runoff Structure (558)
Sprinkler System (442)
Stormwater Runoff Control (570)
Trails and Walkways (575)
Underground Outlet (620)
Upland Wildlife Habitat Management (645)
Watering Facility (614)
Wildlife Habitat Planting (420)
Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment (380)
Windbreak/Shelterbelt Renovation (650)

Resources for Application

- Application
- AMA Ranking Tool

For more information contact:
Brie Foltz





Urban Ag Map AMA 2020